Your final gift, a lasting symbol of remembrance

A memorial is designed to honour and preserve the memory of the person who has passed away. We at F. Upson completely understand the grief and devastation that is caused when a loved one passes away and we understand the need to demonstrate the importance that person has made in our lives.

We help families convey their remembrance through timeless and unique personal memorials.

Our full colour brochure is readily available (click here), and full written estimates and advice are provided without obligation.

We can help you decide on the design, appropriate text and meaningful symbols. We will prepare drawings to help you visualise the finished item before the work is started.

Memorials are made of materials that can withstand the weather and are suitable for shaping and decoration, eg. granite and marble. Granite is very popular because it is durable, reasonably priced and is available in a wide range of colours. Marble is sometimes chosen for its clarity and beauty and available in whites and greys.

Crematorium/cemetery memorials range from flat, bevelled, slanted or upright. Where regulations allow, memorials may also include crosses, statues and flower vases.